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How to work from anywhere in 2018

How to work from anywhere in 2018

Ah, millennials. We are dreamers and travellers. Born between 1980 and 2000, we have been called the “Me, Me, Me Generation”, and there are good reasons for this, the selfie being the most obvious one of them. When it comes to working, we are free birds and like thinking we will be able to start our own business someday, writing for a great blog or showcasing products for a number of clients on Instagram.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to start working for yourself, don’t delay it any longer. The benefits that come from being your own boss are endless, with some of these being deciding when you want to start and stop the daily working day and setting up your office in remote places around the world.

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Invest in good office material

First things, first. We know you have already put a little mark on the world map you bought this week which clearly states where you would like your office to be next. You have contacted your clients and let them know that you will be working freelance from now on and you just can’t wait to start planning your trip and make working abroad a reality. Easy, tiger. The first aspects of working for yourself from a remote location involve investing in good office material, such as a good laptop and any other tools you will need in your business venture. Why not have a look at these Macs and purchase the essential piece of machinery you will need to work on those exciting projects?

How to work from anywhere in 2018

Stay connected

No business owner in the developed world can make their business succeed without a good internet connection in place. Chances are, you too will need to have a wifi connection if you are to work from a remote location. Sending emails, doing research online and conducting conference calls with clients around the world will be some of the tasks you are likely to be involved in from your preferred working spot and you wouldn’t want the quality of these to suffer due to your poor internet connection. This wifi scanner for Mac will ensure you never miss a bar in your connectivity!

Be organised

It’s easy to procrastinate and become lazy when you are your own boss. Having no one to report to is a wonderful thing as you are able to control your own workload, but it could equally lead to your day becoming disorganized and a bit chaotic if you don’t put certain measures in place. Try to wake up at the same time every day and adopt routines that will make it easy for you to get motivated throughout the day ahead. Start by making yourself some breakfast, for instance, and then having a shower prior to sitting in front of your computer. This guide to setting up your own freelancing routine will help you ensure your days are filled with productivity.

Moving somewhere exotic and new is an attractive idea for anyone with a bit of a sense of adventure in them. Whilst the prospect of having your office set up in a paradisiac location is exciting, make sure you follow the above advice so that you can relocate in style and professionally, without this leading to you losing clients.


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