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Your Network Is Your Net Worth | Introducing my new FREE course

Your Network Is Your Net Worth FREE course

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I love September and the ‘back to school vibe’ – even when I’m no longer in school. It’s a breath of fresh air and it’s the perfect month to pick up your new year resolutions.

It’s also the best time to email your business contacts and friends with a state of the biz update because you know. Right now people are still in a vacation vibe, so they are more relaxed and maybe even still tanned. They haven’t socialized online as much as they normally would, so they probably missed out on all your updates!


You, my dear, you have about 4 months left to make this year your best year ever and I’d LOVE to help you! That’s why I’m introducing Your Network Is Your Net Worth, a FREE three-day course focusing on leveraging your network. It’s not a course on how to network, it’s a course on how to make use of the people you already know. This means, your social media followers, media contacts, business contacts, and friends. Yep. It’s a fun course and you can start today, the lazy way! No need to pitch thousands (literally huh) new clients and customers or spend your annual marketing budget on Facebook Ads, just follow the free course and in 3 days you can create an impact!

—–>> Click here to enroll for free in Your Network Is Your Net Worth

In Your Network Is Your Net Worth you’ll learn:

✓ How to find and order your network the right way
✓ How to find and unlock your hidden potential by finding thousands of contacts… all in your network!
✓ How to use your network to increase sales (without feeling narcissistic AF)
✓ How to bring being social back into your business
✓ How to maximize your potential by focussing more, and doing less (yes for real!)

Stop the hustle, stop the overactivity and stop cold pitching. It’s finally time to do less and actually leverage or relationships.

YNIYNW is a packed course that has enough information to create a 14-day course or even an ebook, but I don’t want to hold back and give it all away as soon as possible, so you can get started today!

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