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How to create an intro packet + welcome packet for new clients

How to create a pre-onboard + onboard packet for new clients

Do you want to create an awesome experience for your clients? Create a welcome + intro packet. If you have followed my free e-mail course A Media Kit That Sells, you know about the importance of a Media Kit. A media kit is used in the pitching process. But how about right after you land a new client? Or after the first Skype Call / Meeting? It can be of huge value to send them an intro packet to convince them to go for you and to be sure you’re not wasting each others time. And I’m sure they’ll be super happy to receive a welcome packet after the signed contract too! I also have a welcome packet for new students of my courses, but in case you’re not enrolled yet, here’s how you do it:

How to create a pre-onboard + onboard packet for new clients

| Intro Packet | 

Create an intro packet for potential clients to manage their expectations, to set boundaries and to have an easy to follow guide for your own work process. In this packet you outline the process and introduce yourself (once again!). You have to make them enthusiastic working with you and at the same time giving them a rough outline and time line of the way you work so they understand the bigger picture. Creating one should be a one-time thing, maybe you need to update it every now and then but it should be created for every possible client. You should send your pre-onboarding packet right after the inquiry, before your first meeting / Skype call, so you don’t waste time in case they figure out you’re not a great match. Tip? Link Convertkit to Square/the inquiry form/Teachable/any Zapier integration to automate this process and automatically send the intro packet to all inquiries.

Every intro packet should include:

  • An introduction, who are you, what do you do etc?
  • An overview of the project and what you will deliver
  • Include what you need from the clients to get started
  • How you’ll invoice the client and when
  • What happens when one of you cancels the project
  • How clients can contact you and when
  • Include answers to all frequently asked questions
  • Optional: An additional FAQ and sample contract

| Onboard Packet / Welcome Packet | 

You’re probably more familiar with an onboard packet / welcome packet. I personally have two types of welcome packets: one for people that work with me (my VA, my web designer etc.) and one for new clients after the intro packet and contract is signed. They are both simple pdf’s with a nice design in my branding style and it includes the instructions of us working together. A welcome packet can be personalized for every client, depending on how you work and it’s just an extra to make them feel special.

A welcome packet for new clients should include:

  • A warm welcome intro letter
  • Exactly what you’ll mean for them + how + when you need what + when you’ll send them what and how etc.
  • Includes links to your project management, how they can have a look at your hours and the project status etc.

A welcome packet /onboard packet for new co-workers should include:

  • A warm welcome intro letter
  • Information about you and the company. How do you work? What tools do you use? What are your brand colors, fonts etc.?
  • Information about clients, previous clients you worked with
  • Links to all the company’s social media profiles
  • Include logins + passwords if necessary
  • Information about payment
  • Information about holidays
  • The signed contract

I’d say these are the very basics of a successful intro and welcome package, feel free to add things!

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