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Unique solutions to protect your business in the digital age | biz + blog tips

Unique solutions to protect your business in the digital age

As a business owner, one of your primary concerns is always going to be protecting your business. There are numerous kinds of potential threat which you need to consider in this respect. The fact is, you never know when your business might be under threat, so it helps to have various methods of protection in place. Some you may have already heard about, and it is likely that you are already doing a lot to keep your business safe and secure. However, ever-growing varieties of threat mean that you need to have ever-growing means of protection. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the key ways that you can protect your business in the modern marketplace.


Often, the threat against your business comes not from a complete stranger, but someone you are working in very close partnership with. When you hire outside help for assistance on a project, you are always opening your business up to potential harm. Even if they are just working with you for one day. In fact, it might be fair to say that it is especially then that they might pose a threat. When you are working with someone external, you might want to consider having them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This is a mutual agreement not to share information with third parties, and as such it can be hugely beneficial in protecting your business ideas. Alternatively, you could even use a one-way NDA.

Alternative Insurance Options

Chances are, you are already well protected in this area. However, there are plenty of alternative options which you might not have considered. Takaful is a good example of a kind of insurance which you might want to take on board. With a takaful scheme, you and the other members all contribute money into a pool. This pool of money is then used to protect you and your fellow members from loss or damages. Takaful is a unique solution to how to protect your business’ wares. If you are keen on ensuring that your business remains safe no matter what, then takaful might be the solution for you.

Unique solutions to protect your business in the digital age


Next we come onto something which is much more of a staple of business everywhere: patenting. With patenting, you have a sure-fire way of protecting any ideas which your business might come up with. Patenting can be difficult to have approved, however, as you often need a great deal of proof and paperwork just to apply. However, it is also the most secure kind of legal protection you can possibly get for your various ideas.

Back up

If you make regular backups of your work, you’re safe for possible hacks, especially the up and coming ransomware hacks that are now targeting small business owners. I recommend using OneDrive and a combination of at least two copies of all digital files because if there’s only one digital copy, the file does not exist if you believe this theory.

Keep Quiet!

Finally, remember the basic power of keeping quiet around other (external) individuals. It is often amazing how quickly word spreads, and when it comes to a new idea you have had, this can often mean bad things. It is wise to develop the practice of not saying too much, particularly when you are around other people in the same area of business as yours.

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