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Things your office can’t go without with | biz + blog tips

There’s something really amazing about the moment when your business is finally successful enough to reach the point where you require a dedicated office space. Lots of people who start out running businesses from their spare room never reach this point, so it often feels like validation that things are really working out. Of course, as great as it can be, that doesn’t mean that moving to a new office is something that’s always going to be easy. In fact, it presents a whole variety of different challenges that you may never have had to deal with before. With the presence of more employees and different environments, it can be hard to know what you really need. To help you get past that stage, here are three things that your office cannot function without.


Infrastructure is one of those things that’s right at the core of any business and yet still seems to go unnoticed by far too many people. Of course, when you’re the business owner, you can’t really get away with ignoring infrastructure anymore. In the modern world, people are so constantly interconnected that without solid infrastructure your business is practically doomed. You need to make sure that your phone and internet connections are reliable no matter how many people are using them. Your business could involve multiple employees using these systems near constantly throughout the day, and if they aren’t reliable, then your productivity is going to take a serious nose dive.

Safety regulations

When you’re running a business out of your home, safety is often something of a lesser concern. However, once you’re in a dedicated office space you really need to make an effort to keep yourself and all of your employees as safe as possible. Firstly you need to have health and safety procedures put in place so that your employees all know exactly how to behave in the office in a way that protects everyone. Not only that things like your sprinkler systems need to be checked for leaks as often as possible. If you are having trouble with them, then ECS Corrosion can help. You should also make sure that your office is secure on a structural level as well as making sure that any other fail safes are working as intended.



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This is something that a lot of new business owners tend to forget because they are so used to working solo or having a very small team. You need to make sure that your office is laid out in such a way that everyone has enough space to work. And not just sitting at their desks, people need to be able to move around safely as well as giving them space around their desks. Being cramped and closed in is a great way to leave your employees feeling claustrophobic and uncomfortable, something that is certainly not conducive to a productive and pleasant work environment for anyone. Don’t cram your employees in like sardines. Think about how they need to work and create the space around them, not the other way around.

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