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You hire employees to fit roles, fulfill tasks and support the business to reach new heights. But your employees are going to need plenty of support if they’re going to do that, too. We’re going to look at the four essential needs of the employee that goes beyond a paycheck and makes sure they’re not just doing their job, but being part of a team.

The training

Training is essential and serves as the basis to help the employee find their place in the business. If you want to create a team of keepers, you have to invest time in helping them acclimate and learn the methods that keep it running. To make training more effective, ensure that everyone plays by the same rules. Systemize the different tasks involved in their role and create sticky knowledge that you can use as a reference point to ensure you’re not missing anything or teaching anything different unless you explicitly mean to. When people are supposed to collaborate, having them play by different rules will only get in the way.

The information

That collaboration also depends on how well information and knowledge can be shared throughout the business. There are two steps to this. First, you have to create an environment in which employees are engaged and there’s an open door for sharing ideas and new knowledge. The second step is ensuring the right information sharing methods are in place. Services like, for instance, can help you create an information network where resources and data can be shared by the team much quicker. You need to set up different methods for different kinds of communication. For instance, team meetings for setting action plans, email for delivering detailed instructions, and so on.


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The motivation

Getting people engaged and motivated is an individual affair. The same methods won’t work for anyone. This means you need to rely on a diverse range of methods. For instance, you should be investing in your employees through extra training and opening the way for potential advancement in their position. If people are less outcome oriented, then you can help engage them by setting them more understandable goals and helping them learn how those goals align with the aims of the business.

The recognition

Regardless of how you motivate them, everyone needs some recognition for when work is done well. As says, there are a lot of different ways of doing this. Sometimes, just thanking someone for keeping up the good work is enough. But you can also create schemes such as rewarding them with a meal after work closes on Friday if the team meets the monthly goal. Switch up how you show recognition, making it easier to show that you genuinely appreciate the work they do.


Managing employees is a talent in-and-of itself. Beyond learning the lessons mentioned above, make sure that they are, in essence, made a part of the company culture. If you have to rely on managers now or in future, ensure they learn these lessons, too.


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