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practice makes perfect!

Every business idea has a weight of importance attached to it, and none more so than a medical practice. The importance of your customers’ satisfaction is paramount, and the company needs to run smoothly. Starting a small medical practice is much harder now due to mergers and acquisitions being much more commonplace, and as big hospitals have the financial clout to merge with a small, community-based practice, it is a sign that many practices are very easily bought out just as soon as they are started. That being said, if you are aiming to start a practice that adheres to good old-fashioned care for local communities, there are some very simple things you need in place to get everything off the ground.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

This is harder to attain than the right staff, which, albeit, make up part of that atmosphere. The place needs to be friendly and sensitive to peoples’ frames of mind. Having the right medical office design is key to striking a balance between a friendly environment, while also maintaining a sense of professionalism, which is quite difficult. The staff makes up a lot of that environment, and we’ve all had a run-in with someone in the medical profession who weren’t as understanding and empathetic as we’d have liked them to be. It is such an important factor that the success of your practice may very well be down to the attitude of your staff members. You must bear in mind that this is a place where bad news is going to be dished out on a regular basis, so developing your staff through empathy sessions and additional coaching will help make the practice is well-run operation but also have that added sense of personality so many medical practices lack.

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A Filing System

The best filing systems make everything a little bit easier for everyone. It can save time, effort, and can cut the waiting queues down. There are EHR (electronic health record) systems which do a lot of the work for you, and these systems can act as a one-stop shop for patient records, lab and prescription notes and orders, and have information on your revenue cycle. Making every process easier will cut down every effort and increase productivity in a major way. Integrated with your EHR should be a practice management system, this should keep track of all of your front of house operations and is a quick way to send bills, and the information shared between the EHR means that there is a lack of duplication in records.

Potential For Upscaling

The more successful your practice, you are able to think about moving your business to a larger location. Upscaling your business in this respect means that you can have more patients and therefore more revenue, but the larger you get, it could mean losing a sense of your original business personality, as you will have a bigger operation to keep track of. It all depends on your intentions when you set out, and if your goal was to expand far and wide, then you need to have certain fundamentals in place such as your staff, location, and the best tools for productivity.  

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