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My Travel Wishlist 2017 | Travel dreams

My Travel Wishlist 2017

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A new year, a new bucket list right? I’m super happy because I have a big trip coming up to the other side of the world, but there’s so much more I wanna see this year!

I’m a big dreamer, so I thought it would be fun to share my travel wishlist for 2017, so I can check in next December if I visited any of these destinations. I’m dreaming big, and all across the world, and me staying in Oceania I’ll probably not visit all the places because they’re not on my route, but I’m allowed to dream big right? Who knows, maybe I’ll find a way to manifest all of these places. After writing this article, I realized that many of the listed places are either super wild with beautiful rough nature or super magical. I guess that sums up me, full of interests that contradict each other <3 

Ready for my top 7 destinations on my wishlist? The photos used in this article are not by me, I wish they were 😉

Travel wishlist 2017 for travel bloggers. Now accepting press trips!

1. Sakura Season Japan

The past thousand years I always planned a Sakura trip to Japan, but I never even made it to Japan itself, let along in the cherry blossom season. Ooooh soo beautiful and dreamy, I think this one is pretty obvious why it’s my number #1 trip on my wishlist.

Travel wishlist 2017 for travel bloggers. Now accepting press trips!

2. Hawaii

Here is a confession guys, please don’t laugh. For the longest time, I really thought Hawaii was a honeymoon ‘only’ destination. I just didn’t know much about it, just that it’s a USA paradise and that people in films always went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Well, many years later and a Lonely Planet later, I’m obsessed with Hawaii! It’s adventurous, beautiful and the combination with kind people, a rich culture, and good weather… makes it my dream destination. I’m SO excited for hikes in Hawaii that I just bought the Lonely Planet without any tickets booked yet. Yep. Definitely on my wishlist for this year!

Travel wishlist 2017 for travel bloggers. Now accepting press trips!

3. New Zealand

Talking about adventurous locations, I think NZ is one of my top locations to visit the nature parks and just nature. Living in Australia this year, I should make it to NZ. If not now, then when? In Australia I loooooved Tasmania, and I think the climate and wilderness are pretty much similar to NZ, so I just already know we’re a perfect fit.

Travel wishlist 2017 for travel bloggers. Now accepting press trips!

4. South East Asia

Not a country, but a combination of multiple awesome countries I want to visit, and probably will. I always dream of how far my money will bring me in SEA, and most digital nomads hang out there. I’m just a fancy one I guess, hanging around in Europe, USA and Australia all the time. I have been to Indonesia and absolutely loved it, so I want to go back to that country at least. 2017 is the year that I should use my money smart, and just chill in SEA for a bit. I’ve already added SO many great things to do in each country (on my list so far are Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore and the Philippines) and I’ll probably share these lists later this year, I guess there is no shortage on information about SEA trips among travel bloggers 😉

5. Giraffe Manor Kenya

Ever since I saw the first picture of this manor, it’s on my mind. Not every day, but certenly every week. It’s in Nairobi, and it’s basically you living with giraffes around you. Do I need to say more?


Travel wishlist 2017 for travel bloggers. Now accepting press trips! Stopover in Iceland on the way to New York City!

6. NYC with stopover in Iceland

Always dreaming about that London to NYC via Iceland trip! Although I’m mostly in other parts of the world, I still want to do this, because… I can’t say this out loud but I have never been in NYC before. It always feels like I’m the kind of person that belongs there with me obsessed with hotspots, traveling and art, and people always look so shocked when I tell them. I have been in other cities. I’ll save the best for last right? Iceland is highly on my wishlist because of, again, with nature and wilderness that’s just amazing and I HAVE to see the northern lights, it will probably the most magical experience of my life, and I’m SOO READY THIS YEAR!! I can handle the cold. I can handle the New York city speed, I’m ready.

Travel wishlist 2017 for travel bloggers. Now accepting press trips! Stopover in Iceland on the way to New York City!

7. South America

Ooooh I just can’t pick my favorite! I have never been in South America, but you know what? My father was born there haha so I should just go there (and I want to!). Surinam, Argentina, Brazil, Chile… I just can’t pick one, so I just added the whole continent to this list hihi. Oooh and I forgot to add Latin America…

So, as you see, there are a lot of places I want to visit, life is an adventure! I can easily combine a few of these trips, making it more likely that they will happen, but in the end, this is my wishlist, so I can’t guarantee myself that it will happen. Follow me on Instagram to stay most updated! xo

I’m available for press trips, contact me here!

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