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Wow you guys – thank you so much for all the positive energy and support in your emails! I’m wrapping up the launch for my first course Oh My Press! I had SO much fun creating Oh My Press: in 3 months your biz or blog’s first media mentions (read my behind the scenes blog post).

Whether you joined Oh My Press or not, I hope I can support YOU when you’re launching too! Doors are closed now – but I’ve created something you need.

You asked for it.

I noticed that a lot of you don’t have the time or money to join Oh My Press this round. I get that, it’s an investment and not everybody is at that biz stage to invest a couple of hundreds in their biz. That’s why I created MASTER THE MEDIA: Press coverage NOW. I’m so excited to offer something for the smaller bloggers and business owners too, and this course is as valuable as my other course, but much better priced.. there is also a payment plan of €59!

I want to offer you something smaller, easy to follow but as valuable as Oh My Press. MASTER THE MEDIA: Press coverage now is a compact course of 5 modules focussing on the most important things to get started with free publicity NOW.

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Course Details:

Master the Media course


  • Course Welcome
  • Goals, overview
  • Time commitment for this course + your press strategy
  • The absolute 10 things you need to have in order before you even start thinking about PR – including checklist
  • Creating a PR budget and an overview of the equipment and software you will be using to launch a successful PR strategy (this can be done for free too!)
  • How PR works
  • How PR really works


  • Brainstorm and choose your story
  • Pick a date
  • Create your ideal press match profile
  • Pick your goals
  • Fill in the blanks – course workbook assignment
  • Revenue + sales planning
  • Preparing for your press attack (including checklist!)
  • The systems you need for an optimised, clear and organised PR strategy
  • The project management tool I use to plan my successful PR strategy from planning to launch
  • Timeline + timing – including print out calendar

Master the Media


  • Press calendar print out + a walk through of the dates with the exact steps to take.
  • Day by day calendar guide so you know exactly what to do on each day during your press attack (when to send emails, when to follow up, when to contact who – all the details)


  • Get your first press contacts – even if you don’t have any connections (Exactly how to find, approach, and pitch to your new best friends)
  • Know your type
  • The difference between ‘traditional/print’ journalists, TV/Radio journalists, online journalists, bloggers and vloggers and how to work with each particular type of ‘press’.


  • How to send out your press release
  • How to ‘PR’ for free
  • The 4 types of mistakes I don’t want you to make

This is everything you need to send out your press release in the next 24 hours!

MASTER THE MEDIA: Press coverage NOW is available for the special introduction price. Enroll here and start immediately before the price goes up!

Enroll now to Master the Media

I’ll go back to answering your emails and scheduling the first strategy calls! And I wrote a ton of new blog posts the past week, a few are live on the blog already! So much new and exciting energy, I can’t stop writing 🙂

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PR and free publicity course by digital nomad and freelance blogger and photographer Noni May | Master the media: press coverage NOW. How to get your business or blog in the press. A step by step guide to free publicity and travel guides, checklists and inspiration prints shop now!

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