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Make your business work smarter, not harder | biz + blog tips

Make your business work smarter, not harder


It’s a pretty safe bet that every entrepreneur wants their business to run as efficiently as possible. The idea here is to offer the best possible products and services for the lowest possible cost. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been running your business for several years, there’s always room to make your business more efficient. Here are a few universal ways of doing this…

Update and Streamline Technology

Have a quick look around your office space. If your employees are all working on five-year-old computers hooked up to ten-year-old monitors, it’s time for a major, sweeping change in your tech infrastructure. Yes, this represents a huge cost at first glance. However, updating your company’s hardware and software on a regular basis is essential to your short and long-term success. One of the most basic staples of productivity is speed, so make sure your office computers are equipped with the fastest kinds of hardware and software you can afford. If you’re constantly having to put things on hold because of some technical issue, then it may also be a good idea to outsource some of your tech infrastructure to a managed IT services company. Every modern business is dependent on technology in some way or another, so starting here is a very smart move.

Optimize Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools modern business owners have at their disposal. You’re probably not ignoring the massive potential in social media campaigns, but are you making sure that your social media platforms are really working for you as best as they can? As important as good social media management is, it’s not something that should represent a massive investment of time and effort. Just a few hours, spread out over your average working week, should be more than enough to keep on top of your accounts adequately and effectively. Do yourself a favor, and start looking into programs that will allow you to streamline social media, such as Hootsuite, MarketMeSuite, and so on. These will allow you to control all of your social media profiles from one user-friendly platform, and make posting in a timely and effective manner a complete breeze.


Keep an Eye on Employee Workflow

If you know it’s been a while, take some time to analyze the workflow of all your employees, and gauge how efficient they’re being. If your company’s too big for you to carry out this work personally, have your supervisors spend some time with each department in order to determine how each separate team handles their individual tasks. After that, you can meet with them and have them compare notes, discussing whether there’s any faster, less costly ways that workers could be accomplishing their tasks. This process can be helped massively be encouraging more open and frequent communication between different departments at your company. When everyone’s collaborating in a helpful way, more work will get done with less of an overall strain on the business’s time and resources.


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