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How to make more money by clearing your money blocks and why money matters on the road | Digital Nomad lifestyle

To be honest, I’m all about that ‘being conscious but not being obsessed’ with money lifestyle. I know how much money I make, I try my best to make more every month and I know how much I spend. But to be honest: I know money is not important in life. Other than, I get to travel if I have it. That’s why money matters. As a traveler, it’s important, unfortunately.

When I’m home, I want to rebuild my funds and plan my next trip asap. That’s why I sometimes made wrong client/assignment decisions in the past. That’s why I love creating a passive income. That’s why I love Denise Duffield-Thomas, also known as the Lucky Bitch. She opened my eyes and helped me clear some of my (apparently) money blocks. Denise is a lot of fun, she’s Australian (<3), she’s super down to earth and open about her embarrassments and tells you things you know somewhere deep inside, but in a way that it actually opens your eyes. Oh, and I learned a lot of new stuff too! And it’s true, she promised that if you do a certain thing in the webinar, new money opportunities will come into your life the next three days and it worked! Here’s why she’s da bomb:

| She’s all about life and money, not just hard money | 

Denise is like your fun neighbor who gives great advice. She also talks about body image, self-improvement, the law of attraction, abundance, decluttering and more stuff that improves your overall well being, which I love because it’s 100% true that you can’t make money if you’re not feeling great or live in a cluttered environment. Oh and she’s also a traveler and a big crystal fan, like me! Hooray!

| Money Blocks | 

Click here to download the free money blocks webinar and open your eyes!

Do you know what money blocks are? I didn’t before I listened to her webinars and podcasts, but money blocks are ‘blocks’ that prevent you from making (more) money. The one that opened my eye was the one about “imagining yourself as a millionaire’. Truth: I’d always see myself as a millionaire when I’m more successful, skinnier, fancy dressed etc. But the truth is, that will probably never happen. Same goes for secretly sabotaging youyourselfd holding yourself back making more money. When I realized this, I immediately started making more money. How awesome? Download the free money blocks webinar for free and clear your money blocks! (Seriously, I started with this webinar and it changed my life!)

Travellers life = why money matters and how to make more by clearing your money blocks

| The Law of Attraction | 

Oooh Denise opened my eyes when it comes to the law of attraction. When the Secret came out, I wasn’t a big fan at all, I just heard stories and didn’t believe it. But Denise slowly brought it in to my life and I must admit… it totally works!! Now I visualize everything and I seriously get it all. I do have to work for it though and sometimes you have to help the universe a little, but if you set your mind on something and you trust the universe, it will happen! And I’m not wooly at all, and luckily for me the Lucky B herself isn’t either! But she did win a world trip (!) and other tickets and is a self-made millionaire. Which is kinda inspiring!

| Just do it | 

Okay, I must admit that I’m always the ‘just do it’ kind of person, but Denise made it worse. She cleared my money blocks and now I just do it. I was putting writing that ebook off for years, now I just did it. Same with writing a lot of blog posts, I always had the ideas, now I just do it. Who cares if I publish two blog posts on 1 day? If I have the inspiration…! Denise says she’s terrified to talk on video, but she does it anyways and its so much fun!! Same for me, so expect a few videos here very soon…

One of her mantras? I deserve to be rich now, not just any day in the future. It’s your time. You don’t have to be perfect to be rich.

| Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp | 

There’s a TON of free stuff on her website, but to be honest… If there is one online course that pays back immediately it’s the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp! It’s 100% a life changing course and I suggest you invest in yourself! If you’re working hard, but not making what you deserve, ENROLL. Since discovering Denise, I made SO much more money. I simply dared more, and surprise, if you ask for it you get it…!

What I love about the money bootcamp is that it’s not just for poor people. haha. Even millionaires take the course and everybody can learn from it, because it’s not only just money basics, it’s life changing advice for your business, life, house, family and relations. I seriously can’t stop talking about this Lucky B, and my friends and family are now fans too! so it’s time for my lovely readers, because money blocks need to clear! Enroll in the Lucky B Money Bootcamp here.

Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

Plenty of online peeps claim to teach the ins and outs of ‘making over’ your money mindset. But unfortunately, most of their programs haven’t really been proven, or they have no tangible results (and very few testimonials), or the teacher themselves is actually broke. (You’d be surprised how often that happens!) This Bootcamp is, like, the OPPOSITE of that. It’s a course for all levels of income, and it will change your life. I’ve never said that before about a course I believe, but money is just so important! This bootcamp is for you if..

Enroll now in the lucky bitch money bootcamp

Are you ready? Enroll in the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp now and earn more to travel more!

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