How to run several businesses time management and business tips

How to run several businesses | Time Management + Biz tips

Do you have more passions than just one? I have! And for some reason, I keep building new businesses and I start a lot of new projects. Some people can barely keep up and people ask me all the time, how do you run several businesses? The secret?Be super organized and make sure it’s your passion. I have a few tips for anyone wanting to start a side project, a new business or side hustle while having a full-time day job.

| 1. Planning is key |

This seem obvious, but this is what happens: when you’re super busy, hustling around, you’ll mix things up. You’ll spend more hours on one project than planned, you’ll mix things together and you’ll lose track of what happens where.

| 2. Passion |

Only do the things you truly love (and of course, if you’re not making enough money with your passion, make sure your #1 focus is on the job that brings in the money). If you read this, it might seem like something obvious, but when you’re busy working on several projects, time flies. And after a while, you might find yourself in a different place when you started out. Do you still LOVE what you do? Or did it become routine? If you still love it, try to monetize the project. Eliminate all other things, especially if you don’t love them anymore.

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| 3. Be transparent  |

Make sure your readers and customers know when they can receive an email back, or see a new blog post up. You don’t want your lovely fans and followers to get angry because all of a sudden they don’t hear from you… so always communicate and be transparent about the things you do. I’m sure they’d understand it if you explain that you’re super busy. For me that means, letting people know when I’m traveling somewhere without wifi, instead of just going off the grid completely.

| 4. Automate |

Automate is my favorite word these days! Make sure you schedule ALL your social media, so you have more time to jump in when you need to and so it looks like you’re working on the project or business every day. You can’t just post two days a week when you’re actually working on that business, and skip the other days.

If you schedule + automate your business and life, people will never guess that you only work certain hours a week (or even month!) on something. I suggest you schedule your emails, PR strategy, marketing, funnels, and newsletters with Convertkit. Schedule your blog posts in WordPress or Squarespace. Schedule your social media with IFTTT and Hootsuite. Schedule your Instagram photos with Later and your Pinterest pins with Boardbooster. Have free downloads automatically delivered with Leadpages.

Curious how to automate your personal and business life as much as possible? Enroll in my course Destination Digital Nomad! A course for aspiring digital nomads who’d like to become location independent, so you can do the things you truly love. And this shouldn’t be necessary traveling! Just a course to create more freedom in your life!

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How to run several businesses timemanagement tips for entepreneurs

| 5. Log out |

Make sure you log out to inboxes on days you’re not ‘working on that business or project’. This way, you avoid mixing things up. If you see that urgent email in business account number 1, while you need to work on business number 2 you’ll fall behind on business number 2. So, my tip, log out and turn on the ‘out of office’.

If you work with one email address or have all inboxes coming into one, I suggest you label them and have them automatically forwarded to a designated File. So you only have to check in on that file the days you’re working and they don’t clutter your inbox.

| 6. Know your limits |

Knowing your limits is extremely important as an entrepreneur or busy person. Learn to say ‘no’, especially to things that bring you down, take a lot of effort or energy and to things that brings little in. For example, I get invited to a lot of blogger events, and they are a lot of fun, I love going to them, but sometimes I’m just too busy and I know it will only give me a goodie bag and an Instagram photo, so it’s better to cancel/decline.

Good luck! If I can do it, you can do it! Want to read more about productivity and time-management? 

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