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You can earn your COMPLETE emergency fund in the next 21-days! Here’s how 🎉 | New course launched!

You can earn your COMPLETE emergency fund in the next 21-days! Here's how

Let’s talk money. What if you could earn your FULL emergency fund in the next 21-days? I know it sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what I did when I had no emergency fund anymore. Feeling stressed and hungry for change, are (apparently) the best motivators for hard work for me.

As a freelancer, blogger or entrepreneur you have the magical power to earn as much as you want. But you do need to know how.

How to break through your income plateau?

The how-part is probably the part you Google most often. Or maybe you are drawn to articles that explain the how. ‘Follow these exact steps and make $100.000 this month like I did”. Uhm, yes they made the 100k because you bought the course or ebook. I may or may not have been there, but I just know, that most of these beautiful monthly 6-figure promises don’t work. I know that earning more means hard work. I know that passive income possible is, but not without the hard work first. And when I say hard, I mean hard. I often feel a bit lost when I don’t have a plan. I do my work tasks every day, but if you do the same thing every day, you’ll hit an income plateau very soon. So I needed a challenge and a plan.

It all started with a challenge.

A $5k challenge. I cleared my schedule for the week (perks of working for yourself!) and I made a plan. An extra $5k plan and I wanted to make it this month. The month had exactly 21 days left, so I’d figure it would be a $5k in 21-Days challenge. I don’t know why, but $5000 seems like the right amount to take away a few of my worries, to travel and to relax a little bit more. And it’s also an amount that doesn’t scare me. I’ve made it before, and to make things even easier: it’s like 10x $500. I had to sell 10 things of $500 or 20 things of $250.. That would mean I’d had to make a sale every day. So I made a plan. It’s such a big plan, I created a course challenge for you too.

In the challenge, I did not limit myself by working hours, just business sales or only online sales. It’s not a promise to earn exactly $5k, it’s a course to challenge yourself, to make work fun again and to break through your income plateau and earn your emergency fund.

Introducing: $5k in 21-days – the challenge

Doors to my new challenge course $5k in 21-days are open officially now so it’s time to celebrate! 🎉

Enroll now in $5k in 21-days for the special launch price and receive:

  • Total of 30+ lessons | 21 daily lessons
  • A roadmap, checklists, and cheatsheet
  • Detailed how-to guides
  • All future course upgrades every 3 – 6 months
  • All future course bonuses
  • Access to the lessons on all your digital device

Read more about the course here. My favorite thing about this course? I did it myself from scratch, so I know it works! Can’t wait to show you!

I would love to see you in the inside!

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