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What is Leadpages + 5 ways to grow your blog or biz with it

In this blog post I shortly mentioned Leadpages already and the fact that it was one of the three HUGE investments I recently did to grow my business. And I’m super happy that I can already say, I see awesome results! I’m super happy, I invested in Leadpages. It’s one of the biggest in my business so far when it comes to marketing, but I’m happy to say: it was a smart one because I earned my ‘investment’ back already. So I not only feel more professional, I work more efficiently and my business is growing faster than ever!

And I can’t wait to share how it can help you grow your blog and business too! I already got a few questions from some of you asking what it can be used for, so let me explain!

Ways to grow your biz with leadpages

| More subscribers and more sales | 

I must admit that I still discover new features every day. But the reason I purchased LeadPages is the fact that it’s super easy to create super pretty lead pages, for sales or for example new subscribers. So for my Amsterdam Guide, I use LeadPages now. But I also quickly discovered it’s super easy to turn your 404-page in to a sales driven page, because you can collect e-mail addresses with their 404 landing page. So even if you don’t sell stuff online, it’s still useful because you can ‘prepare’ your business or blog for the future by collecting engaging followers.

| In normal people language: what are the features? | 

So in normal people language, LeadPages will make it super easy to create (predesigned templates) sign-up or sales pages. So if you want more subscribers, you can create a homepage with only a subscribe box and a button to read along (for example). Or you can turn your homepage in to a salespage for your products and also add a button for people to skip the page. Apparently, this really works because people need to be reminded all the time that they have the option to buy or subscribe to something. A simple popup is not enough, and I’d say even more annoying! You’ll receive more e-mail sign ups and sales so it’s easier to engage with your following. Basically, make people who visit your website not only followers but fans. 

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Another great thing is that when somebody clicks an old link to your website, they usually get a so called ‘404-page’, something like ‘oh no, wrong link’. With LeadPages you can turn this 404 page in to something like ‘oh no, but don’t worry you can subscribe here or buy here or whatever your message is’. Which is great! Value for the reader and for your business!

I’ll explore LeadPages a little bit more soon, so I’ll update this post with other great features. Read further for another great thing:


| Till Friday December 11th – 2 = 1 deal! | 

This week they have a 2 = 1 deal, which means, buy one account get one free. Great if you’re in a mastermind group and want to share this great deal with a biz friend! The offer ends Friday, so hurry up! You can basically share the costs and I kind of wish I waited with buying my account until this sweet deal..but they, read along for my results after three weeks…

| My results after three weeks of LeadPages (more than 2k in sales and 1k in subs! | 

I’ve already gained an extra 1100 e-mail subscribers in three weeks (!) and I guess about $2400,- in sales by using LeadPages! So when I was worrying at the beginning about the ROI, I got that already covered now!

Find out more about LeadPages here and why not try LeadPages? They have a 30 day money-back guarantee which was the reason I tried it first, but obviously I’ve fallen in love 😉

LeadPages Ultimate list of leadpages features


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