The 3 steps towards improving your retail business

The 3 steps towards improving your retail business | biz + blog tips

You might have been running your business for years upon years. Alternatively, maybe you’re brand new to the food or retail industry. Either way, there’s always more you could be doing to improve the success of your franchise. Are you sure you’re doing everything that you could be?

You might be creating beautiful food, or selling beautiful designer goods, but what else could you be doing to propel your business into real success?

Social Media

“I’m already using that!” I can hear you cry in frustration. Don’t panic and don’t click away just yet, because there’s so much to social media; there are so many new platforms, ever-changing features and ever-changing users with each year that passes. It becomes a whole new marketplace every day, so you can keep posting interesting statuses, making funny tweets with hashtags that are trending, or relatable pictures, but you don’t want to be doing the same thing as everyone else on social media, because then its whole purpose for businesses becomes pointless; you’re not promoting yourself if you’re blending in with everyone else.

It’s time to get creative with your marketing strategy and start using the newest features on social media before your competitors hop on the bandwagon. Instagram Stories is one great way that you could get started, because some clever people have been making thousands of dollars off the new feature in a matter of days, simply because other businesses haven’t cottoned on to its raw potential just yet. I’d move on there quick, if I was you – your business could really flourish through accessing this feature, but, like everything else in the online world, its value and popularity won’t last for long.


Get creative with your brand


Something as simple as a kind face or a few well-placed questions when customers enter your store could be the difference between a sale from a brand new, potentially-regular customer, or somebody walking out the door several minutes later. You’re at the mercy of your clients, whether you’re a new or an old business, and there’s always plenty of competition for them to choose from.


POS technology


Most retail businesses in the restaurant and clothing industries are already using this technology, so if you’re slipping behind, you’d better fix that now. Certain partners with ncr counterpoint are absolutely storming this brilliant new industry, and you could be partnering with them to get a taste of that success too.

With a great POS presence, there’ll be no more fiddling about with outdated mediums of sale. If you have a customer who’s hesitant about buying something at your store, or a family eating at your restaurant who are in a rush to get away, then speed is absolute of the essence. With modern technology, you don’t have to worry about clients changing their minds and walking away, or disgruntled customers who grow tiresome of the wait to pay for your service. You can sort out each customer quickly and move straight onto the next one.

Hopefully these tips gave you a little inspiration and proved that it’s never too late to reinvent your company, along with its marketing strategy. Take on everyone else in the industry and do your business proud, whether it’s a small, local company or a huge enterprise!

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